Farmer Mark at Bristol's Farm
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Acknowledging our 
former farmers!

We have great memories of those that have worked the farm over the years!
January 2010 

Farmer Mark would like to acknowledge Deborah Hartford Palladino for her steadfast support, unwavering devotion, and expertise given to Wild Carrot Farm for the past six years. Wild Carrot Farm would not be the farm it is today without Debbie's efforts.
Employment at the Farm

Earl and Vera Hartford who for many seasons helped us with seeding, harvesting, flower bouquets, and trips to and from the Collinsville and Farmington Farmers Markets. Their suggestions, encouragement, and advice helped the farm develop and grow to where we now have 85 different crops.

The Fearsome Foursome:
Dan "Freebird" Levine, Cara "Daisy" Evans-Janes, Nick "Nicholas" Tyson & Eugene "Young Buck" Mironets
who all worked here together several seasons & are the main reason the farm grew from four acres to ten acres of vegetables under cultivation.They always came through when things got crazy. In 2011 they are all attending college or graduate school.

Wild Carrot Farm

Sarah "Flower Girl" Strecker, who for many years cut and bouqueted our flowers and led us in singing & dancing. Sarah developed our reputation for fresh bouqueted flower arrangements.

Employment at the Farm