Farmer Mark at Bristol's Farm

Using Mother Nature's Most Delicious Foods

Whenever possible, choose foods that are:

Whole: As nature provides them, with all their edible parts. Whole foods supply all of nature’s nutrients in a team.

Fresh, Natural, Real, Organically Grown: The foods we choose should be the real thing, full of their life energy, not imitations, which invariably turn out to have some health-damaging effect. Organically grown foods not only have been shown to be higher in nutrients, but taste better.

Seasonal: To be in harmony with our environment, it is a good idea to choose fruits and vegetables in season. They are less expensive and do not lose nutrients like foods that have been transported long distances.

Local: Local produce tastes better, costs less, and is more nutritious because it is picked riper and does not lose nutrients in travel.

In Harmony with Tradition: We should pay attention to what our ancestors ate and incorporate those foods into our modern diet whenever possible.

Balanced: It’s important to make sure there is enough protein, carbohydrates, fat, and micronutrients in our diet as a whole, and to include foods with a variety of flavors, colors, and textures.

Delicious: There is no point in eating “healthy” food if it doesn’t taste good! Our taste buds can guide us, when encountering whole, real, natural foods, to what we need and don’t need.

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Joanie Guglielmino
Holistic Health Counselor

“What you eat determines your health, your well-being, and the quality of your life.
Anne Marie Colbin
Author:  Food and Healing & The Natural Gourmet

  • Have you ever wanted to improve
    your eating habits?

  • Would you like to feel more confident in
    choosing and preparing better food
    for yourself and your family?

  • Would you like to experience a lasting
    increase in energy and vitality?

As a Holistic Health Counselor, I am an advocate for living an energized and passionate life that incorporates foods that nourish and lifestyle choices that work best for you.

The simplest and most natural foods are truly the most satisfying. They will awaken your mind, tantalize your taste buds, and satisfy your soul.

I welcome all nutritional inquiries including choosing healthy food options, tips on food preparation, and lifestyle changes.

“The culinary traditions of our ancestors and the food choices and preparation techniques of healthy non-industrialized peoples, should serve as a model for contemporary eating habits, even and especially during this modern technological age.
Sally Fallon, President
Weston A. Price Foundation,
Author: Nourishing Traditions

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